Dr ZHANG Zhe, Victor (張喆博士)



Tel : (852) 3963 5414
Email : victorzhang@hsu.edu.hk

Victor is an applied linguist who is interested in language learning and teaching. He speaks English, Cantonese, Mandarin, German, Spanish, and Korean, and is currently learning Thai. He holds a PhD degree in Applied Linguistics from The University of Hong Kong. He is a postdoctoral research fellow at The Chinese University of Hong Kong. His research interests include second language writing, computer-assisted language learning, feedback and assessment, student engagement, digital literacy, second language acquisition, sociolinguistics, identity and language learning, etc.


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Conference Presentations

  • Zhang, Z. (2020). Exploring student engagement with automated writing evaluation (AWE) feedback on second language writing. Paper presented at the The Second International Perspectives on Assessing World Languages Conferences, Cairo, Egypt.
  • Zhang, Z. (2017). Learner engagement with automated writing evaluation (AWE) feedback on academic writing. Paper presented at The Second International Conference MOOCs, Language Learning and Mobility, Naples Italy.
  • Zhang, Z. (2017). Student engagement with feedback on L2 writing: A case study of two L2 students. Paper presented at Faces of English 2: Teaching and Researching Academic and Professional English, Hong Kong.
  • Zhang, Z. (2017). EFL student engagement with computer-generated feedback on English writing: A case study. Paper presented at The 6th International Conference on English, Discourse and Intercultural Communication, Macau.
  • Zhang, Z. (2016). Student engagement with feedback on their writing: Case studies on English majors in two Chinese universities. Paper presented at Symposium on Second language Writing 2016, Tempe, AZ, USA.
  • Zhang, Z. (2016). L2 students’ engagement with teacher feedback. Paper presented at The 24th Korea TESOL International Conference, Seoul, Korea.

Professional and Community Services

Reviewer for peer-reviewed journals including Journal of Second Language Writing, Computer Assisted Language Learning, Assessing Writing, Journal of English for Academic Purposes, Computers & Education, The Asia-Pacific Education Researcher, Ibérica, The Asian Journal of Applied Linguistics, etc. 


  • Dr. Barbara Kwok Young Postdoctoral Researcher Travel Grants 2019-20
  • Reaching Out Award 2016-2017, Education Bureau of Hong Kong Special Administrative Region

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