Dr WONG Yuen Wing, Catherine (王沅穎博士)

PhD (University of Liverpool)
MPhil (CUHK)

Assistant Professor

Tel : (852) 3963 5459
Email: catherinewong@hsu.edu.hk

Dr Wong received her PhD from the School of English, University of Liverpool. She specialises in the area of diasporic and postcolonial writing in modern and contemporary period. Her principal research interest centres on the employment of stylistics, literary linguistics and literary criticism theory in exploring the literary style and narrative discourse, as well as the discovery of new dialects of English in these Anglophone writings. She is also interested in Romantic and Modernist poetry.

Recent and Forthcoming Publications

  • Lam, C., & Wong, C. (2020). Accent in digital humanities and language studies: The case in Hong Kong. 3L: Language, Linguistics, Literature, 26(1).
  • Wong, C. (2015). “A Cognitive Poetics in the analysis of narrative of  Kazuo Ishiguro’s A Pale View of Hills”, in Literary and Linguistic Theories in Reading, (eds) Feryal Cubukcu and Layla Harputlu, Frankfurt am Main: Peter Lang. pp. 265-78.
  • Wong, C. (2014). “Collapse of Narrative: a study of narrative distance in the confessional narrative in Kazuo Ishiguro’s work” in Procedia – Social and Behavioral Sciences. Volume 158, 19 December 2014, pp. 57–64.
  • Wong, C. (2014). “Reacting to an Imposed National Identity: Hong Kong Literature as the Anglophone Inertia” in Writing Difference: Nationalism, Literature and Identity, G. N. Ray, Jaydip Sarkar and Anindya Bhattacharya (eds), Atlantic Press, 2014, pp. 160-87.
  • Wong, C (2010). “‘Home to Hong Kong’: the Linguistic Displacement and Imaginary Diaspora in Anglophone Hong Kong Literature”, in Diaspora: Revisiting and Discovering, Laura De Pretto, Gloria Macri, and Catherine Wong (eds), Inter-Disciplinary Press, Oxford, 2010, pp. 49-70.            

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