Tin Ka Ping Foundation Funded Project

Footprint from Afar: The Story of Hakka People

The project aims to recruit a group of earnest and culturally aspired students to go on a cultural trip to Meizhou and Shanghai to learn about Hakka culture and then promote it through videocasts in English During the trip, students will experience traditional Hakka culture in Meizhou and have cultural exchanges with Meizhou students, as well as explore how Hakka people survive and thrive in Shanghai by embracing Hakka virtues. Major cultural heritage sites in Meizhou that students will visit include Tin Ka Ping Birthplace and Calyx Toulou. They will also visit reputable universities and enterprises under the Hakka Association in Shanghai. After their return to Hong Kong from the trip, students need to produce videocasts in English to promote  Hakka culture and present the anecdotes of Hakka people. The videocasts will be uploaded online. The students also need to lead Meizhou students on a five-day English summer camp which aims to promote Hakka culture in Hong Kong in English. They will go to Hakka cultural heritage sites (e.g., Shatin Tsang Tai Uk). They then need to teach the high school students to produce videocasts in English to promote Hakka culture in Hong Kong.

The transportation and accommodation fees of the cultural trip and camp are sponsored by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation. For details, please contact Dr Amy Kong at amykong@hsu.edu.hk.

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