Student Support

Personal Tutor

Each BA-ENG student is assigned to a personal tutor from the Department of English. Regular meetings are held every semester to monitor study progress and deal with issues students may encounter, including the transition from high school to university, module registration and career planning. The system has been effective in maintaining a friendly and constructive teacher-student relationship. The Department will continue to maintain a dynamic relationship with students via the personal tutor system, providing necessary support to students, especially those who encounter difficulties in learning and in their personal lives. 

Peer Tutor

Starting from the academic year 2018/19, the department has also initiated a peer tutor scheme in which each freshman is assigned a senior student who can guide and help them in relation to practical campus life questions and study related queries. Students are encouraged to participate in the department’s regular tea gathering where they will have a good opportunity to interact with both their personal tutor and peer tutor. 

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