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ENG1010 English for Effective Communication

This module is designed to lay a comprehensive English language foundation needed for university studies. It focuses on enhancing students’ competence in reading, writing, listening and speaking; as well as sharpening students’ skills at overall thought and expression. Students will engage in integrated and communicative tasks and group learning activities, which provide ample opportunities to apply the language skills. Coursework consists of critical reading, essay writing and group presentation.


ENG1020 English for Public Speaking

This module is designed to provide both theoretical basis and practical instruction to speaking effectively in public. Through instruction and practice, students are expected to develop the basic understanding and confidence to speak in public. In particular, the Module discusses the audience awareness in the selection of a topic, the organization of the content of a good speech, the language required in a speech, verbal and non-verbal presentation skills as well as the effective delivery by means of visual aids. Other areas to be covered include: support of speeches with credible research, strategic and creative language use, effective listening and delivery skills, and common types of public speeches.


ENG1030 English for Academic Purposes (Translation)

This module is designed to introduce first-year students to academic writing at the university level. Course topics and discussions will involve learning (i) how to explore literature; (ii) how to extract and analyse information from various types of sources to produce and to incorporate one’s own ideas into literature-supported essays; (iii) how to develop well-reasoned and logical arguments; (iv) how to decide on correct English grammar and usage in academic writing; (v) how to make use of appropriate formats and styles for academic writing; (vi) how to cite external sources in a text and to prepare an end-text bibliography; and (vii) how to avoid plagiarism.


Through this module, students will learn and practice the processes of writing, proofreading, editing and revising. The skills acquired through this module are broadly applicable to students’ major area of study and to wider academic development. To enhance the transfer of these skills to other contexts, students will be encouraged to do research on and write about concepts and issues that are relevant to their personal areas of interest and their major field of study.


ENG2010 English for Academic Purposes

This module is designed to introduce students to English for academic purposes with a focus on academic writing, reading, and doing oral presentation at the undergraduate level. Module topics and discussions will involve: how to read actively and purposefully; how to extract and analyze information from various types of sources to produce research/literature-supported academic essays; how to incorporate one’s own ideas into research/literature-supported essays; how to develop well-reasoned arguments; how to use appropriate English grammar and usage in academic writing; identifying appropriate formats and styles for academic writing; and citing sources in a bibliography.


ENG2020 English for Business Communication

This module aims to develop students’ English communicative skills in various business-related contexts through a variety of real-life tasks and activities. Students will analyse the language, structures and genres related to business correspondences and formulate linguistic and business strategies appropriate for their future careers. The interactive small-group setting will allow students ample opportunities to express their ideas and work as a team.


ENG3010 Advanced English

This module is designed to develop students’ advanced skills in handling English for specific purposes, namely the journalistic, legal, financial and sales contexts. Students will interact with each other in a variety of written and oral tasks and activities which provide good opportunities for them to take their command of English to a higher level through learning and reviewing each other’s work. The major emphasis is on the context, structure and features of English in the mentioned specific purposes where students would be exposed to in their future careers.


ENG3020 English for Business Analysis

This module is designed to provide theoretical and practical knowledge about English for the purpose of business analysis. Through continuous written and spoken tasks in small group setting, students are expected to improve their understanding of the English language and develop the communication skills required to analyse business in a professional manner. Students will examine business cases through exercises in critical reading, problem-solving and decision-making. The teaching strategies employed will also enable students to sharpen their business writing skills, deliver effective executive business presentations and improve their teamwork skills through collaborative learning.


ENG3030 English for Specific Purposes (CCI)

This module is designed to develop students’ advanced skills in understanding, evaluating and producing English for specific purposes in the cultural and creative industries (CCI). Students will interact with each other in a variety of reading, writing, listening and oral tasks and activities which provide good opportunities for them to excel in English through learning and reviewing authentic texts, as well as conducting peer reviews. The major emphases are on the contexts, structures, and features of English in the disciplines where students would be exposed to in their future careers.


Non-Credit Bearing Modules

ENG1000 English for University Studies

Adopting the blended learning approach, this module aims to coach students to apply grammar knowledge in analysing spoken and written texts, which can improve students’ reading, writing, speaking, and listening skills at the university level. The online learning component consolidates students’ knowledge of grammar items and sentence structure for university study. It also offers online tasks to students to apply advanced grammar and syntax knowledge in communication on the micro- and macro-levels. Students will also be provided with opportunities to examine and refine their language use through small-group English language learning tasks in the classroom.


ENG2000 IELTS Preparation Course

This module helps students prepare themselves for the International English Language Testing System (IELTS) Exam. It assists students to familiarize themselves with the format of the exam and practise for improvement. Studying the required language skills tested in the exam is also the focus of this module.


ENG4000 English Proficiency Course

This English course is designed for students who are not able to meet the College language exit requirement. The course serves as an English enhancement course to help students lift their English standard prior to graduation. It strives to improve students’ four core language skills – reading, writing, listening and speaking. The small group sizes and tutorial mode aim to cater for students’ individual needs.


IELTS Support

IELTS Academic Test is an English language exit requirement for undergraduates at the University. The ELT runs ENG2000 IELTS Preparation Course in Semester 2 for  Year 3 and Year 4 students to prepare them for the IELTS Academic Test. In addition, the English Language Centre offers intensive training to equip students with effective test-taking strategies. The Centre organises up to eight strategic-based workshops covering the four sections of the paper with several follow-up study groups for students to put the skills acquired into practice. The Centre also provides one-on-one IELTS consultations all year round. 


English Summer Course

The English Summer Course is a short course held during the summer semester that combines language learning and exposure to different cultures. Guest speakers from of different nationalities are invited to present on an area of interest. There are also themed language classes and fun workshops, including African Drumming, Coffee Making and Henna Art.


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