ELT Programme Information

The Department of English encompasses an English Language Teaching (ELT) Programme which offers English courses to all undergraduates of the university to enhance their English competence for studies and careers. In addition, it runs an English Language Centre (ELC) which provides English language services and activities for all students and staff.

The ELT offers core English modules ranging from general English to business English to undergraduates in various programmes. The English modules aim to develop students’ required language skills and strategies at the tertiary level; to enhance students’ English proficiency upon graduation; and to equip them with good communication, argumentation and presentation skills for university studies, further education as well as future careers. Apart from core English modules, the ELT also offers free electives to cater to students’ diverse individual needs and interests. In addition, non-credit-bearing modules such as English Enhancement Course and IELTS Preparation Course are offered to hone freshmen’s English language skills and prepare students for the internationally-recognised exam upon graduation. The small-class teaching mode ensures that individual attention is offered to each student; their learners’ differences are well taken care of and students are provided with ample opportunities to interact with their peers and their teachers.

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