ELT Vision, Mission and Goals


To be recognised as the centre of excellence in the domain of English language education, and to be widely-acclaimed as a platform for developing teaching quality, innovations and continuous improvements.


To enhance students’ English proficiency, to cater for learners’ English language individual differences, and to foster a culture ofindependent, progressive life-long English language throughout the University.


  1. To create a rich and diverse English language environment for students by offering a formal English curriculum as well as an array of add-on services in collaboration with the English Language Centre.

  2. To offer English language learning specific to programmes’ requirements and needs.

  3. To assist students in meeting the University English language exit requirement.

  4. To encourage students to be independent and life-long English learners.

  5. To build English language awareness at the University in order to move towards a more collaborative English language environment.

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