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28th English Departmental Seminar

At the Departmental Seminar hosted on 14 November 2018, Professor Kwok-kan Tam illustrated how bilingual metaphors work in hybridized forms of English, and discussed the new sensibilities and identities expressed in Hong Kong and Singapore English writings, mainly poetry, drama and fiction.

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BA-ENG Tea Gathering 2018

A tea gathering was held on 8 November 2018, bringing together teachers and students in the Department. It was a great opportunity for BA-ENG students to meet their personal tutor and peer tutor, and share their campus life.

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IELTS Talk by the British Council 2018

The Department of English had the honour of inviting Ms Ivy Cheung, a representative from the British Council, to deliver an IELTS Talk to HSMC students on 13 September 2018. Students were introduced to the important information of IELTS and how to prepare for the IELTS Academic test.

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Department of English Annual Retreat

Before the start of the new 2018/19 academic year, the department gathered for a day of learning and sharing ideas. Guest lecturers were invited to give presentations alongside talks from our own staff. It was a richly beneficial experience and one that we hope to make an annual tradition.

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26th English Departmental Seminar

Group photo of teachers of the Department of English

13 August 2018 Today, the Department of English hosted its 26th Departmental Seminar. Dr Holly Chung shared on the topic “English-Language Graduation Requirement in Tertiary Education: A Study of Self-Efficacy Beliefs of Students who Failed”; Ms Joyce Lee shared on “Language Policy in Hong Kong: Medium of Instruction in Secondary Education”; and Dr Rebecca Ong shared on “Language Learning…

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English Intercultural Exchange Camp 2018

Sponsored by Tin Ka Ping Foundation, the Department of English held an English Intercultural Exchange Camp from 16 to 20 Jul 2018 for HSMC students of all disciplines and students from Dapu County Tin Ka Ping Experimental High School. The camp aimed at fostering intercultural collaboration between HSMC and Mainland students, providing students with an opportunity to expand their…

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25th English Departmental Seminar

9 July 2018 On 9 Jul 2018, the Department of English hosted its 25th Departmental Seminar. Dr Amy Kong shared on the topic “A Dual Case Study of Perceptions of Strategy-based Training and Peer Review Stances among Hong Kong Secondary Students: An Activity Theory Perspective” and Dr Anora Wong shared on “Narrative Inquiry into Washback of High-stakes and Low-stakes…

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English Summer Course 2017

16 June 2017 The English Summer Course, offered by the Department of English, was held successfully during the period 22 May – 16 June 2017. This four-week English Summer Course is designed for students who strive to improve their English writing, speaking, listening and reading skills. Besides, the course also aims to enhance students’ logical and critical thinking skills…

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2017/18 Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award Poetry Workshop and Prize-giving Ceremony

28 May 2018 The Hong Kong Budding Poets (English) Award is a territory-wide competition open to local primary, secondary, international and ESF schools. It was organised by The Hong Kong Academy for Gifted Education and supported by Gifted Education Section of the Education Bureau. The Department of English of HSMC was commissioned to hold the competition, adjudication and related…

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