Incredible Learning Experience

My time at The Hang Seng University of Hong Kong has been an incredible learning experience, and I am glad to have won the BA-ENG Best Progress Award 2023. As an English major, I’ve gained invaluable skills for a career in communications, writing, or education. My professors, all experts in literature and linguistics, deliver insightful lectures that spur engaging classroom discussions. I’ve sharpened my critical thinking abilities through various questions during the lessons and presentations. My writing has improved tremendously through crafting essays for my courses. Beyond academics, I stay busy with extracurricular activities like reading newspapers and intramural sports. I’ve also made wonderful friends who motivate me to succeed. Although the coursework is demanding, the reward is graduating with proficiency in reading, writing, editing, and a passion for language. My experience at The Hang Seng University has provided me with knowledge and networks that help me thrive in my MSc Education programme at the University of Bristol, as well as my future English- or teaching related careers.

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