Invaluable Journey

Time flies. I couldn’t believe my four years of study at HSU as an English major had passed so quickly. Studying English here fulfilled my dream to learn both literature and linguistics. I’m proud to say that I never regret the choice to pursue my tertiary education here, as I have gained countless precious experience during my study.

The journey of studying at HSU is invaluable. Not only have I formed lifelong bonds with my professors and classmates, but I’m also able to acquire various knowledge and experiences such as tutoring peers and participating in some overseas research projects.

Although I have spent almost half of my college life online due to the pandemic, seeking help from my professors whenever problems arose was never a difficult task for me. Our professors are always ready to lend us a helping hand. In these difficult times, I’ve learnt to cherish every chance to meet with my professors and friends. The memories of my voyage in HSU will stay dear to me.

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