Intercultural English Summer Camp

20 July 2016

Sponsored by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation, the Department of English held an Intercultural English Summer Camp from 18 July to20 July 2016 for HSMC students and students from Tin Ka Ping Secondary School. The aim was to provide students with an opportunity to expand their cultural literacy and “glocal” awareness while boosting English proficiency. Students participated in a variety of intercultural activities such as an “Art in MTR Scavenger Hunt”, screening of an animated film, and also a trip to Lai Chi Wo for an authentic Hakka experience.

Twenty-two secondary students and 16 HSMC students from every Schoolsparticipated in the summer camp. Guest speakers were invited to conduct workshops to enhance students’ culturalliteracy. Dr Paul Fung and Dr Gavin Bui from the Department of English spokeabout the importance of understanding linguistics and literature for holisticlanguage competency. Further, our HSMC-Tin Ka Ping Arts Ambassadors led a radioproduction workshop, a drama workshop, and a public speaking workshop, during which the campers created their ownoriginal radio episode on cultural themes, “glocalised” Shakespearean skits,and presentations on how to revitalise traditional culture in a modern setting.

Group photo