Publication of Critical Reflections on ICT and Education

Dr Anna Tso, Head and Associate Professor of the Department of English, recently published an edited volume called Critical Reflections on ICT and Education with Wendy CHAN, Steven NG, Tiffany BAI, and Noble LO.

Book description

The book reflects on the transformative power of modern technology in education, examines how teachers are leveraging digital tools to improve student outcomes, and investigates the broad implications of digital revolution on education.

The chapter “A Critical Review of the Gender Representation in Children’s eBooks on a Digital Reading Platform” by Dr Anna Tso examines the gender representation in all Level 2 ebooks (for children aged 4-8) catalogued in Highlights Library. In alignment with the research in Australia and the United States, the research results reflect that traditional gender stereotypes in children’s books, print and electronic alike, remain persistent.