English Intercultural Exchange Camp 2017

22 July 2017

Sponsored by the Tin Ka Ping Foundation, the Department of English held an English Intercultural Exchange Camp from 17 to 22 Jul 2017 for HSMC students of all disciplines and students from Dapu County Tin Ka Ping Experimental High School to foster intercultural collaboration between HSMC and Mainland students, provide students with an opportunity to expand their cultural literacy and “glocal” awareness, as well as boosting students’ English proficiency and confidence in speaking English. Students participated in many intercultural activities such as MTR Art Scavenger Hunt, a film screening of the film Dunkirk, in addition to a trip to Lai Chi Wo for an authentic Hakka culture experience. Furthermore, led by HSMC student leaders, the attendees created their own original radio episodes on cultural themes, performed “glocalised” skits adapted from PrideandPrejudice, and did presentations on their memorable trip to Lai Chi Wo. The visiting students and HSMC facilitators have developed precious friendships during the camp.

Group photo of Mr David Day, Chief Executive of the Tin Ka Ping Foundation; Professor Luk, Dean of School of Humanities and Social Science and Head of Department of English; teachers from the Department of English; and teachers and students from Dapu County Tin Ka Ping Experimental High School

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Workshops and activities