TEDxHSMC: Local Leaders Standing on an International Platform

19 May 2018

TEDxHSMC made its debut at HSMC on 19 May 2018! Devoted to TED’s mission of spreading ideas, TEDxHSMC gathered eight speakers from all walks of life to present their innovative ideas in their 18-minute talk. Centered upon the theme “Inter-VIEW”, the amazing speakers explored the power of collaboration where the audience could be in charge of both questions and answers. TEDxHSMC (2018) speakers included Mr Jasper Tsang (former President of the Legislative Council and university professor), Mr Tommy Leung (executive producer, director, YouTuber and columnist), Ms Brenda Alegre (LGBT advocate and registered psychologist), Ms Simona Baciu (international educator and author), Mr Ben Bland (foreign correspondent and author), Dr Alfie Bown (HSMC Assistant Professor, journalist and author), Mr Khalid Khan (retired civil servant and communications coach) and Mr Vivek Mahbubani (English and Cantonese stand-up comedian).

“Is There a Videogaming Left? Politics, Love and Gamer Culture” by Dr Alfie Bown

“Seeking Identity in China’s Shadow” by Mr Ben Bland

“Unleash Your Intelligence” by Mr Khalid Khan

“Oh Hello Gender…This Is Me” by Ms Brenda Alegre

“Make Me Laugh” by Mr Vivek Mahbubani

“Thoughts, Emotions and Seeds – An Inter-VIEW, a View of Your Inner Self” by Ms Simona Baciu

“A User’s Manual to Life” by Mr Tommy Leung

“Will We Be Conquered by Machines We Create?” by Mr Jasper Tsang